Saturday, August 17

Tips & Tricks: How To Prevent Eyeliner From Smudging

Hey Everyone!

Are you a girl like wearing eyeliner/kohl all daylong? I’m using kohl for almost over 15 years from now and yes I end in panda eyes every evening I return from my school/college! Later as time passes by I used few simple tricks to prevent the kohl/eyeliner from smudging. So here are the simple tricks & Tips for you and I hope it would help you,


Let’s get started,


Trick 1:
Prep your eyes.  Now apply gel-eyeliner on the water-line. Give it few seconds!

Trick 2:
Apply your favorite kohl above the gel-eyeliner now, you can make it medium/highly intense according to your likes! I did medium intense here.

Trick 3:
Using a Smudger brush, slightly smudge the kohl in the lower lash-line instead of applying the kohl directly on the lower lash-line. Now this gives you a natural look!

Trick 4:
Pat some translucent powder/compact beneath the lower lash-line using finger tips or eye shadow brush. Powder helps to absorb oil and controls the smudges further.

These are the four simple tricks that I use when I want my eye-liner to stay back for long hours :)


What kind of eyeliner do you use?
There are different types of eyeliners in the market like, gel-type, balmy-type and wax-type too! I prefer gel-type eyeliners, they rarely smudge though it gives a matte finish! Also the product last long for more than 2 to 3 months for you.

Do you use powder?
The best idea to control the oiliness on and around the eyes is to use powder. No kohl will stand on water-liner for long hours. Anyway it melts due to friction. So by using some good powder you can control smudging.

Do you use kohl for lower lash line?
In ancient days, women use her finger-tip to apply and smudge kohl. Also if your eyeliner melts, it won’t be traceable! So try to apply kohl for lower lash-line too for a complete look! If you don’t like using kohl on lower lash-line, better use a brush and smudge it little away.

Do you use wet tissues?
At times when you feel your eyeliner/kohl is smudged badly, don’t panic! Take a wet tissue and slightly wipe-off the smudged kohl below lower lash-line. Then pat some powder on that space. You’re ready!

I hope you find the post useful and interesting! :) Do share your tips and tricks in the below comment section.
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