Thursday, August 15

Tutorial : ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs’ Animation Movie Inspired Eye-Makeup

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m up with an interesting eye makeup tutorial :) I’m 24 and I still spend sleepless nights watching animation movies and over playing games! Nothing makes me feel better than a pocket of salted potato chips and a cartoon movie :P. We are still 6 years old by heart, isn’t?

Recently I watched ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2’ movie trailer and loved it! So here is the inspired tutorial, 

I hope you will enjoy the Look!



Step 1:
Start with a clean slate! Moisturize the eyes and prepare the eye using your favorite primer/concealer.

Step 2:
Apply kohl/pencil on the eye-lid darker. Don’t apply over the crease!

Step 3:
Using a fluffy brush or smudging brush, smudge the kohl. Smudge within the lid; don’t smudge the kohl beyond the crease or outer-V part of the eye.

Step 4:
Apply shimmery yellow shade on the inner-half of the eye-lid. I used Midas gold for shimmery yellow shade from Coastal Scents Sunset Cruise quad.

Step 5:
Apply sky blue shimmer shade on the outer half of the lid. I used deep shimmery blue shade from Coastal scents 88 original eye shadow palette.

Step 6:
Using a blending brush blend the colors and soften the edges.

Step 7:
Now apply your favorite eye-liner in black on the lid. I heavily winged the liner for the dramatic look!

Step 8:
Using a white eye-liner pencil, line the water-line. Also slightly smudge in the lower lash line.

Step 9:
Now using a blue eye-liner, draw a boat-like look in the lower lash-line.

Step 10:
Wing the blue eye-liner in lash-line and make it look darker. I used a blue eye-liner from Lakme.

Step 11:
Mascara the lower lashes well! Use volumizing mascara.

Step 12:
Set falsies for upper lashes and finish the look!

‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs’ Animation Movie is a colourful one and I chose top 4 colors for the Look! The Colors refers to; Yellow-Meatballs, Blue-Sea, Black-Eyeballs, White-Sky!

I hope you find the look interesting and fun! Do let me know your thoughts in comment section below! :)