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“When To See a Dermatologist” 7 Signs It’s Time To See a Dermatologist

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How is the weekend coming along everyone? There is always a confusion prevailing on the sentence “when should I meet a dermatologist?” Well I hope this post will guide you for the best answers and reasons for that!


When it comes to skin, nails or hair one shouldn’t avoid certain signs! Here are the 7 signs which will lead you to a derma.

Excessive Dry Skin
There are many reasons for dry skin condition. Dry skin condition might arise due to thyroid, psoriasis and eczema or it is associated with the skin infections! In addition, dry skin may develop simply due to wrong moisturizer. So if you are suddenly achieving an excessive dry skin then you should meet a dermatologist. Get a clean advice from her/him and start using products accordingly.

You Develop a Rash/Dermatitis
Do not ignore Rashes! Yes, many people avoid rashes and think that the rashes might get heal by them, but in the most cases it’s not like that! The rashes develop and get rooted strong inside the skin as days pass by. So the longer you wait, the deeper it goes, and it becomes hard to diagnose them! Do not wait for an invitation. Meet up a derma when you develop Dermatitis or Contact Dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is bit severe and the longer you wait it might look like one of the other rashes you develop daily.

Suddenly You’re Super Sweaty
“Hyperhidrosis”, otherwise known as “Excessive Sweating”. This excessive sweating may occur due to body conditions, thyroid problems and diabetes etc. If you are sweaty than normal lately, you should get an appointment with a derma. Because excessive sweating may results in very dry skin!

If You Spot a Mole or Freckle Growing
A Mole or freckle, they do not grow! But if you see a mole or freckle growing, then probably you should rush to a derma. The issues related to skin cancer are easy to treat when it examined early. Should meet up a dermatologist in this case without a fail!

If You Notice More Hair Fall than Usual
If you notice more hair in your brush or in shower drain than usual then it might not be due to the-so- called ‘genetics’, unusual hair fall also relate to the skin diseases or anemia. Meet a dermatologist and you might need to do a blood test or biopsies for the accurate results.

Your Nails are Yellowish and Brittle
It might sound ‘eek’ but the reason behind yellowish nails is most probably due to the fungus infection. ASAP meet a doc and get diagnosed. Very brittle nails are due to the lack of protein and less moisture in nails.

You’ve Never Had a skin Exam
If you have never had a skin exam, then better you can do it now! Dermatologist not only solves skin related problems, they also guide you for the beautiful and healthy skin!


I met a derma once when I was with excessive hair fall problem. He mentioned I’m very weak and suffering from anemia. Later I took medication for 3 to 3.5 months. Okay this happened less than 6 months ago ;)

I hope you find the post useful and interesting! :) Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below, and

Have you met a dermatologist already?