Sunday, September 22

Review, Swatch & LOTD : Eyetex Dazzler Lip Liner Pencil No.13 in Magenta Town

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m reviewing gorgeous magenta shade lip liner pencil from Eyetex Dazzler in the No.13! It’s a great budget lip liner pencil!

Price: Rs.75 for 1.5g
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  • 25% extra smooth

My Take on Eyetex Dazzler Lip Liner Pencil No.13:

The lip liner pencil comes in super convenient wood pencil packaging. It has a plastic transparent cap to protect the tip and no sharpener is provided along the packaging. The ends of the pencil are colored so you can find the shades easily and even you can pick by checking out the respective shades on the back end!
The texture of the pencil is smooth but not soft as colorbar ones. It’s quite powdery matte and not so very creamy or buttery. The tip of the pencil breaks easily and it’s decently pigmented. It gives decent matte finish lips and the color is absolutely pretty! It covers slightly to average pigmented lips. It does dry out the lips little but not very much.
You can apply the liner above slightly moisturized lips and it stays for 2.5 to 3 hours. It does stain the lips lightly and you can remove the stain using a wet tissue. The color is not so buildable! The wear time is average so you can extend the wear time to an hour or 2 by reapplying once in-between 3 hours. The color transfers easily to clothes! So you should be careful a bit with these liners.

At this price the product is lovely except few general low-budgetproduct cons and you can try the range absolutely. It’s pretty good for dailywear for teens.

GOOD about Eyetex Dazzler Lip Liner Pencil No.13:
  1. Budget friendly
  2. Affordable and availability
  3. Convenient packaging
  4. Texture is smooth
  5. Minimal transfer
  6. Super gorgeous shade
  7. Doesn’t get patchy
  8. Covers medium to average pigmented lips

NOT-SO-GOOD about Eyetex Dazzler Lip Liner Pencil No.13:

  1. No sharpener
  2. Not waterproof
  3. Transfers easily
  4. Tip gets break easily
  5. Dries the lips bit
Overall Verdict:

Overall the lip liner is a great budget friendly pencilfor daily wear! If you are searching for in-expensive liners then definitely you can try this dazzler lip liner range. Anyway the results are quite average so don’t expect much from these liners.

Rating: 3.2/5

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