Tuesday, October 22

Red Fall Eye Makeup Look/Tutorial

Hey Everyone!

Most of us do not dare to wear red eye shadow often and it’s quite beyond a comfort zone for many! But red is a vibrant and pretty shade to wear. Also Red is quite more gorgeous shade that goes pretty well with any eye color! So for this fall here is my red eye makeup look/tutorial. I hope you will like/enjoy it :)


Step 1:
Moisturize your eyes well before applying a primer or a base!
Step 2:
Apply your favourite concealer and dab some compact/loose powder if you have oily lid like me.
Step 3:
Apply a thick coat of kohl of your choice.
Step 4:
Using a smudge brush (I used Vega smudge brush here), smudge the kohl softly and don’t smudge beyond the lid.
Step 5:
Apply a black eye shadow over the smudged kohl.
Step 6:
Apply kohl in the water line and smudge it down till the lower lash line.
Step 7:
Apply black eye shadow in the lower lash line too.
Step 8:
Using a blending brush apply your favourite red eye shadow along in your crease. Sweep it back and forth evenly, don’t go applying beyond the crease.
Step 9:
Using an angled/smudge brush apply the same red eye shadow along the lower lash line below the black eye shadow.
Step 10:
Using a blending brush blend the red shadow above the crease softly and slowly. Apply the black eye shadow in the inner corner of the eyes instead of a highlighter.
Step 11:
Now curl your lashes using an eye lash curler. I used Colorbar eye lash curler.
Step 12:
Finish the look with 3 to 2 coats of lengthening mascara and I did the falsies here to create more dramatic look. Depends on your choice!


I hope you find the look/tutorial useful and interesting! Kindly share your comments below :)