Wednesday, October 2

Review : Brihans GreenLeaf Pure AloeVera Skin Gel | Acne| Sun Burn

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m reviewing something from my skin moisturizing special, Aloe Vera skin gel from Green Leaf. This is the gel I use always regardless the moisturizer!

Price: Rs.80 for 125g
Availability: I got it from health n Glow, Chennai.


Can be used for;
  • Acne, sunburn, rash, minor skin eruptions, minor cuts, wounds & skin allergies.
For best results, apply at thin layer on the affected area, twice daily.

I have Aloe Vera plants in cute pots in my house, still sometimes when I travel to my native or anywhere out of the town, my skin feels extremely dry in monsoon/winters. (Is it with me alone!!?!!) Lately I am keeping an aloe gel tub with me always, I use the gel thrice or four times a week atleast.

I prefer Brihans aloe gel!


GOOD about Green Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Skin Gel:
  1. Very much affordable and easily available
  2. Makes skin smooth and soft from the third use onwards
  3. Injects decent moisturization to skin and prevents it from drying/over drying
  4. This is another product that doesn’t break me out
  5. Good for acne prone and oily skin
  6. Treats sunburn in effective way
  7. I refrigerate the gel and use it, it helps to give me glowing skin
  8. Calmness the skin
  9. Doesn’t give any tingling sensation nor irritation
  10. It’s safe to use on rashes and it doesn’t irritate my skin

NOT SO GOOD about Green Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Skin Gel:
  1. Doesn’t provide the extreme moisturization effect. It’s decently fair product to use daily.

Overall Verdict:

I love using aloe gel on my skin, since my skin behaving extremely reactive these days I like to use this gel daily to calm down my skin well. Also at monsoon/winters you can use aloe gel for moisturization if you like skipping cream/lotion or other moisturizers.

Rating: 4.7/5