Friday, November 29

Review : Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Cherry | SPF 10

Hey Everyone!

Today I’ll be reviewing my recent favorite tinted lipbalmNivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Cherry with SPF 10. It’s been like a year I didn’t try Nivea lip balms but after trying one I’m not letting it go so easily, I’m very impressed. And of course I’m a fan of tinted lip balms!

Price: Rs.129 for 4.8g

  • With innovative moisture store formula
  • With fruit extracts and shimmering pigments
  •  Skin compatibility dematologically approved
  • Protects your lips against harmful UVA & UVB rays with SPF 10

My Take on the Product:

Nivea Fruity Shine comes travel friendly packaging. I think they gave new shape to the lip balm packaging, looks pretty. The texture of the lip balm is buttery soft, smooth and melts on lips. It has great fruity scent that is absolutely I loved! Berries fragrance delights me instantly and smells fabulous and delicious ^_^ too.

Lip balm gives beautiful cherry shade to lips. Though I can’t say its reddish, the color is buildable. It also leaves medium cherry tint behind, which I love from this lip balm. The tint isn’t heavy like Maybelline Color bloom lip balms, it’s mild and looks natural! Lip balm has reddish shimmers which goes subtle on lips. Also the shimmery pigments add gorgeous shine to lips.

I tried the lip balm at night, next morning when I woke up my lips were well moisturized. In AC conditioning room, the lip balm provides good moisture to lips for 6+ hours also it has SPF 10 so no doubt, you can wear it outside! Plus the tint, I don’t expect much ^_^

GOOD about Nivea Fruity Shine in Cherry:
  1. Has SPF 10
  2. Has fabulous fruity scent
  3. Moisturize lips six plus hours
  4. Has beautiful reddish shimmer
  5. Leaves mild cherry tint behind
  6. The cherry color is buildable
  7. Travel friendly & affordable
  8. Availability
  9. Skin compatibility dematologically approved

NOT-SO-GOOD about Nivea Fruity Shine in Cherry:
  1. If you are not a fan of strong fruity scents, you may not like
  2. Color gets transfer easily on clothes

Overall Verdict:

I like Nivea Fruity Shine in Cherry pretty much and I feel it delivers great for the price. I’m going to try pomegranate shade soon! Also will explore their new lip butters, can’t wait ^_^

Rating: 4.7/5