Friday, 29 November 2013

Review : Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion | Oily to Normal Skin

TGIF Everyone!

I saw a cute little bottle in my aunt’s hand bag when I was trying to take out some candy bars, she is a teacher obviously some random kid from her school would celebrated birthday ^_^.  Now after years I’m having one in my bag which became mandatory lately in my skincare routine! No not the chocolate.

It is Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion with goodness of kaolin and glycerin, my very first skincare product in school days!

Price: Rs.45 for 30ml

  • Oil control with kaolin and glycerin
  • Oily to Normal skin
  • pH 8

Aqua, light kaolin, castor oil, glycerin, zinc oxide, zinc carbonate, emulsifiers, preservatives, perfumes & permitted colors.

My Take on the Product:

Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion comes in travel friendly packaging. Well the packaging is same for years and I like it very much! The lotion is in peach color and has some perfumed fragrance which is not heavy. It has soft smooth texture and runny consistency. Though Olay Day cream is my HG, it doesn’t provide enough moisturization in winter. So weeks back I started using Lacto Calamine skin balancing lotion and now this is my Day Lotion.

The lotion gets absorbs easily and leaves soft moisturized matte skin. The kaolin well known for absorbing oil, gives matte effect to the skin. The glycerin moisturizes skin well. Skin feels oil-free and dryness-free for like 2.5 plus hours. I use the lotion on little damp face and apply some maybelline compact over, gives me super soft skin. Not very suitable for combinational skin, T-zone area will get oily in an hour.
The best part is this is the one other product that doesn’t break me out (Self high-five). Also this lotion makes a good base for makeup. After weeks use, the lotion moisturizes my skin good, means no dryness anymore.

I think this is best for college goers, since the lotion isn’t heavy at all it suits very well. But it doesn’t provide any long lasting matte skin or hyper nourishment for skin. Lacto Calamine has some other variants like aloe etc. So you can try accordingly to the skin type.

GOOD about Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion:
  1. Very much affordable
  2. Availability
  3. Travel friendly packaging
  4. Gets easily absorbed by skin
  5. Doesn’t break out my skin
  6. Provides soft matte effect
  7. Moisturizes skin
  8. Controls oiliness for 3 hours
  9. Light formula
  10. Suits best for normal to oily skin
  11. Oil-free base for makeup

NOT-SO-GOOD about Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion:
  1. Doesn’t nourishes skin
  2. Provide matte effect only for 2 hours
  3. Over application will leads to patchy look since it contains kaolin

Overall Verdict:
Personally I love the light formula and moisturization oil-free skin effect. Also it’s best for the price, might needs reapplication once in 4 hours. Goes light on the pocket and works well too. I highly recommend to Oily skin.

Rating: 4.4/5

Have you used lacto calamine? Do you recommend any other product from lacto calamine?



  1. Nice review Gowthami, the dry one works great for me as I have dry skin.

  2. I have used this one and loved it :) Nice Review dear

    1. I'm happy finally I found an alternative for olay day cream in winters ^_^

  3. I used lacto calamine when i had got severe chicken pox years back and it worked.. otherwise too i love it... worth the money..nice clicks n review dear :)

  4. I used lacto calamine a lot when I was a kid. Time to get back to it :) Nice review :)

  5. I had religiously used it for 2-3 years and absolutelyy loved it!! great for skin problems too.. :)

  6. I have used this but it didnt worked for me....nicely reviewed!

  7. I've never tried lacto calamine.. I have combination skin so might try the aloe version :) nice review and pics dear :)

    1. Yeah aloe sounds cool, thank you dear :)

  8. good review gowthami..... this was my first skincare product when i started going to college.. lol *-*

  9. I have also used it Gowmi and liked it! :)

  10. Nice review gal...somehow it doesnt suits me :(

  11. I Too Have Used This n Quite Liked It.. It Made My Face Sweat Less

  12. Looks sooooooooooo amazing :D :D I would like to try it for my super oily skin ^_^

  13. Is it good for dry-ish skin like mine?

  14. Great review Gow - I have used it and I like the results :)
    I'm loving your clicks <3

  15. Great review sweetie..I loved the clicks :*

  16. I get a feel-good factor whenever I apply Lacto Calamine lotion...Although I have moved on to BB Creams, but would love to try their new range..Nice review hun :)

  17. Sounds great for oily skin types. Nice review!

  18. Nice pics! i have used this one in the past and liked it a lot :)