Monday, January 6

Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub Review

Hey Everyone!

Today I’ll be reviewing Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub. I’m using this scrub more than 3 weeks from now and Read to more to know how this works for me!

Price: Rs.80 for 60g 

  • This microderm face and body scrub cleans pores, removes oil, dead cells,
  • Exfoliates blockages
  • Reduces wrinkles, sun damage and glowing
  • Improves texture


My Take on the Product:

Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub comes in tube packaging and its travel friendly. The mineral glow scrub smells totally pleasant and I just love the mild pleasant aroma. It has very light texture and creamy consistency with micro scrub particles. The scrub is in very light greenish color. I use scrub twice or once a week only, since I have sensitive skin I don’t or can’t over do scrubbing.

Aroma Magic mineral glow scrub is quite gentle and smooth on my skin. The aroma lingers around throughout the scrubbing part and makes the scrubbing time pleasant. Also the creamy consistency of the scrub helps to spread the product over skin easily. Now coming to scrub particles, I feel the particles are bit harsh on my sensitive skin. The scrub should/must be used very gently on the skin or it would results in micro tears.  Except this point, the products works great on removing oil, dead cells and exfoliates skin well. Also this is another product that doesn’t break me out! The results are smooth, soft and clean skin.

Overall the product does what it claims and it’s great to use. You should use the product very gently on the skin since the particles are bit harsh. And this is my favorite scrub next to my biotique papaya scrub.

You might like it if,
  • You expect the scrub to cleans pores, removes oil, dead cells and exfoliates blockages
  • You want a clean and glowing skin after scrubbing
  • You want a product on budget and easily available
  • You expect a product that doesn’t break out the skin
  • You like pleasant and soothing aroma

You might not like it if,
  • You want the scrub particles to be gentle and not very harsh

My Rating: 4/5