Tuesday, February 11

Maybelline Hyper sharp Eye Liner Review, Swatch, FOTD

Today I’m reviewing the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eye liner which is great wear my liner thin and quite sharp!

Price: Rs.375

My Take on the Product:

Eye Liner comes in simple slim pen-type packaging and it’s super convenient to use. The liner tip feels like a felt-tip pen. The applicator bristles are very soft and gives fine thin line on usage. The applicator tip is certainly brush a type if you ask me!
The liner gives intense black finish on more than 3 swipes only and it dries in seconds. The finish is smudge proof and water-resistant. I love to line my eyes thin using this liner, it lasts on my lids like 8 hours without flaking or peeling which is pretty good! The pen-type packaging provides good grip on usage, on applying more pressure I could line my eyes bold and thick too. The tip is really fine and very sharp so one should very careful on usage. The liner finish is glossy, but the fact is I like matte finish always, since this liner provides super glossy finish I started to like it more on occasional use. So this can be a great choice for long wear! On general in long run the liner brush-tip gets easily dry-up so that’s the only common problem.
I would highly recommend this liner and since is very affordable and great to use!



  • Long wear liner
  • Very fine and sharp tip
  • Totally affordable
  • Gives satin finish
  • Pigmentation is too good
  • Smudge-proof
  • Has water-resistant formula
  • Helps to draw very thin and bold lines

  • Not intense black hue
  • Liner tip might dry in time as it’s a common issue

My Rating: 4.75/5

Note:  Try to keep the liner pen in inverted-position always after the use, so that it helps avoid the drying problem. That’s what I do, Keep inverted always!

I hope you find the review useful and interesting!

Have you used Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eye Liner? What’s your favorite eye-liner?

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