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Bridal Archives Vol.15: Makeup-Artist Shrutilaya

Next to ‘Meet the Bride’ section, here are more! I’ll be introducing Makeup-artists, Designers and Wedding Candid Photographers from South India. Shrutilaya is an upcoming Bridal Makeup artist from Chennai. She had worked mostly on fashion shoots and you want to know more about her? Continue Reading...

1. How did you start your carrier as a MUA and what lead you to this industry? 
I always been creative, I grew up spending my time drawing and painting nonstop. When I was studying Fashion Design at NIFT, we used to have several photo shoots for our collections, because you needed to document them for your portfolio. And since no one had money to hire a Makeup Artist, I used to do it. It was just like painting - except with the face, it was a new canvas every single day. From there my interest grew to the point where I realized I'd rather be a Makeup Artist than a Fashion Designer or Stylist. 

2. What do you love most about doing makeup?
Makeup is Art. Even simple, natural everyday makeup. Its art. And its amazing how it can help a person’s self esteem. How it enhances your best qualities while drawing away from flaws.

3. What sets you apart from other makeup artists?
I think what sets me apart is the fact that I believe every person should look like themselves - only a better version. I don't believe in making people look like they have masks on. Makeup needs to be used to add, not take away. 
Unless its a conceptual fashion shoot, that is whole new ball game.

4. Do I really need makeup on my wedding day? Will I look like myself?
I would say yes - because it is a once in a lifetime event, and you should want to look your best. Unless you want to look more dramatic and made up. 

5. Do you recommend getting a trial before the D-day?
Most definitely! It helps the Makeup Artist figure out colours would suit you and your clothing. As well as giving you a basic idea of what you want, and what you would look like.

6. How much time it takes to work on bride's skin and hair?
I don't do hair. I work on Makeup ONLY. Depends on the look, but it takes me about 45 minutes at the most. 

7. What are the cosmetics brands you include in your makeup?
I love using MAC, Urban Decay and Inglot Eyeshadows because I believe they are some of the best. For Face, I use Kryolan for concealing and cream contouring - but I use Illamasqua Foundation and Concealers as well. I use a lot of MAC and Kryolan, but I also use Rimmel, Revlon and L'oreal and Sephora Cosmetics. 

8. What are your rates and is there any a fixed rate or packages?
I charge 6 - 8k per event including a free trail. 

9. Do you do a trial or consultation?
I do. But that is after confirmation and booking. 

Sounds great! And thank you so much for your time Shrutilaya :) You can check out her Blog here.

I hope you find the post useful and interesting!



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