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Bridal Archives Vol.17: ‘Photostrophe’ Meet Raghu Lakshminaarayanan | Candid Wedding Photographer

Meet Raghu Lakshminaarayanan, candid wedding photographer from Chennai.

1. How did you start your carrier?
I began my career under dramatic circumstances. Casual interest in Photography always saw me clicking away with my camera at family events. The disappearance of the appointed photographer at a family wedding saw me take over as the official photographer when i was just 17.
The results stunned the entire family and made them believe that i indeed had an eye for images. There was no looking back since then.  

People / Human emotions & expressions always held great interest for me. Wedding photography offered great scope for capturing dramatic moments and the process of freezing them on camera with split second precision has always been a great challenge. This is my 14th year as a fully fledged Professional Wedding Photographer. And i can in all humility say that i lead a bunch of talented artists under the name of PHOTOSTROPHE, which is causing ripples in the wedding photography scenario today for the different approach and fabulous output that follows.  

2. Who have been your mentor/s and why?
I am an intuitive photographer. As a wedding Photographer it is important to evolve one's own style. Creativity and imaginative angles cannot be taught. It has to come from within. Many have inspired me but learning has been my own. 

3. What type of equipment is most suitable for wedding photography?
Although it is true that the talent of the person behind the lens is what matters in terms of achieving exceptional images, world class gear makes its contribution too. 
The output greatly matters in terms of printing quality. But that is not to say that high end equipment alone guarantee great images. It depends on each individual to see how effectively they are able to use their resources. We use specialized Portrait lenses that give you an added advantage, since weddings are all about people. I use Canon 5D Mark III and all top end specialized lenses. In fact a recent prize winning image too was captured using the Canon 5D. 

4. What sets you apart from other candid photographers?
People have the misconception that Candid is a special genre of photography. Candid photography is nothing but capturing emotions as is, in the most natural manner. It is expressions & emotions caught unawares, without the knowledge of the subject. It is not posed or artificial. It exists all around us. More so in the weddings the given magnitude, color & grandeur.

What I strive for is making the seemingly boring rituals too seem interesting, by capturing them in the most imaginative manner. An image must make the viewer sit up and wonder as to why no one had thought of such an angle or perspective.
Event Documentation is very important since it a record of our customs & traditions. But it need not be drab and can be a visual delight when shot creatively. 

A point to endorse this is a recent award which one of my images won on a global level. The image of a wedding ritual was declared the category winner from among 15, 000 entries in an International Photo Contest conducted by the Beautiful Planet. Given below is the link to the award winning image - 

5. Where do you work and how far you can travel?
I am based out of Chennai, South of India but my work takes me to interesting places - remote villages to exotic cities all over the world. 

6. What are your rates and are there any fixed rates or packages?
 No two weddings / events are the same. Hence I like to customize my package according to the requirement of each client.

7.  Your mantra to succeed in this field and what's your piece of advice for upcoming photographers?
Passion pays! And only passion pays in this field - because your output is directly proportional to your interest and involvement. 
Photography is an art that cannot be taken up in lieu of something else - as an alternate profession. You need to establish a connect - your interest could lie in any one of the 21 genres identifies as part of photography. It could be Nature, Wildlife, Portraits, Architecture, Food, Travel etc. Unless sustained interest and the urge to excel are there one cannot succeed. My advice is - If you are looking for quick money keep out of this. Wedding Photography is not easy and to sustain and succeed one needs a lot more motivation than just money. When you apply your heart & soul to your passion then work is bliss. 

Wow! I love the clicks so much, very detailed and captured beautifully :) Thank you so much for sharing the details with us. You can check out his Portfolio here and facebook page here.

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  1. I cannot agree with you anymore, Raghu. It's definitely the passion that drives each and every photographer. Liked your images. Wishing You All the Very Best. :-)

    Anshul Sukhwal
    Candid and Destination Wedding Photographers in Udaipur


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