Saturday, 5 April 2014

Fem Fairness Crème Bleach in Milk and Pearl Review

I don’t get bleaching done often, will get like once in 3 or 5 months for special occasions only. Other day I bought this one-time use fem fairness crème bleach in Pearl and tried it on myself.


With essence of milk and pearl
Instant fairness in 15 minutes
No tears. Pleasant & fruity experience of bleaching
Fixed pre-ratios forest result each time
Best suited for wheatish to dark skin tones
Soothing blue color

My Take on the Product:

Fem bleach pack contains the cream, powder activator and a plastic spatula. The packaging is sturdy yet I wish they come in tube packaging which will ease the use after all. The instruction says to mix 6g of cream with 0.6g activator powder for single use but I think I keenly added the powder activator less than the quantity mentioned since I like only mild bleaching effect.
 If you are trying bleaching at home, always make sure to add very less quantity of powder activator or you might end in tanned skin. I had experienced once back in college. No matter how long you keep the bleach on your face, the quantity of powder activator you add in your bleach only matters. So just be careful with bleaching.

The purpose of bleaching according to me is to lighten my facial hair, because I have extremely sensitive skin and so big NO for facial threading! (Yeah I had a very bad experience on that last year, different story!)   Fem bleach works great in lightening the facial hair in just 15 minutes. I like the instant results very much. But the results long last like 18 to 15 days only.  I experienced no irritation or redness in my skin and my skin looks completely clean and fresh after this fem bleach in pearl though not very effective in fading brown spots.  I don’t believe in fairness term, so this product helps me good in lightening my facial hair.

 Fem crème bleach in pearl is a good choice to lighten the facial hair and to get clean fresh skin in just 15 minutes. Same time the bleach is not very good at fading marks or red spots.  Overall the results are instant, good and satisfactory for me! I would recommend you trying single-use pack before going for big size pack when it comes to bleaching at home.

Price: Rs.32 for 6.6g (single use), Rs.63 for 52.8g (8 uses), Rs.135 for 237.6g (49 uses)

Rating: 3.75/5

I hope you find the review useful!

 Happy Sunday! ^_^


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