Monday, 16 June 2014


Kids require continuous care and attention from their parents when it comes to oral care as if not attended it can lead to many health problems lately. Since ancient times of Ayurveda, focus is always been on developing best oral care with Ayurvedic medicines. If it is challenging to make your kinds develop healthy oral hygiene then it is challenging enough to select the best product brand for your toddler. In this session we will talk about some of very innovative and best oral care products made especially for kids in India

Pigeon - Children’s Toothpaste 
Toothpaste from pigeon is one of the highest rated oral care products for kids. It is designed with carefully to remove harmful ingredients that are usually present in the adult toothpaste. Pigeon Children tooth paste is
·         Fluoride free
·         Free of Sodium Laruyl Sulfate (SLS)
·         Sugar free
Fluoride can be harmful for kids as it can cause fluorosis if being swollen in significant amount. Children does not have habit of spitting complete amount of toothpaste after teeth cleaning that is why it is safer to have toothpaste without high level of fluoride in it. 
Also high amount of SLS exposure can cause ulcers in kids due to sensitive skin and physiological properties. Pigeon toothpaste is that is why SLS free. It also sugar free that prevents the caloric intake.
To make it a favorite choice for children it comes in fruit flavors. Two of the kid’s favorite flavors are orange and strawberry.    

Chicco – Kids Oral Care Toothpaste
Chicco is also one of the well renowned names for Kids oral care product. Chicco kids toothpaste contains ingredients that is best for developing healthy oral hygiene. Its toothpaste has
·         Less amount of abrasives
·         Zero fluoride content
Majority of adult toothpaste contains the abrasives in them for cleaning of plaque and to keep stains away. But abrasive is very harsh for consumption especially for kids, that is why the content of abrasive has been kept very minimum. Also it is fluoride free to give protection from causing fluorosis.
Chicco toothpaste is available in apple, strawberry and banana flavor that kids like the most.

Baby Toothbrush from Johnson & Johnson
The soft and extra smooth bristles of this toothpaste apply very gentle pressure on the soft gum surface of children. This perfectly made toothbrush from the famous and reputed oral care brand Johnson & Johnson is made light weighted to suit for children use and it is available in many colors to choose from.

Its bristle design reaches every difficult to reach areas on the mouth to give best protection from plaque and bad breath. To make it more attractive for kids it consist cartoon character to make brushing more enjoyable. Find these products at discounted price from babyoye by using babyoye coupons for more offer and deal on baby products visit Deal Guru.

Colgate Kids Toothbrush
Kids toothbrush from Colgate is suitable to brush for children more that 2 years of age. This toothbrush guarantees intensive care for gentle gums and growing teeth.
Kids can use it very comfortably as it has slip-free grip. It makes the brushing experience a fun part as it is available in some of kids favorite colors.

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