Tuesday, 30 December 2014

O2 Signature Facial at O2 Spa | Chennai | Spa Review

About O2 Spa-
O2 Spa, India’s largest spa chain provides the ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE with treatments created by combining the best ancient techniques and herbal secrets with advanced discoveries in beauty and wellness. Our spas have a distinctive atmosphere where you enjoy superior soothing service without unnecessary formality. Every one of our spa therapists is professionally trained at our O2 training academy to give you a scientific, friendly and outstanding spa experience. Individual shower enclosures in each rooms and provision of disposable underclothes further ensure we maintain only the highest standards of hygiene and privacy for each of our guests. O2 Spas currently relax over 1500+ guests every single day enabling them to have a stress free wellbeing. We welcome you to the O2 Experience.

About O2 Signature Facial –
A beautifully soft, velvet textured formulation to suit all skin types, Noctuelle Vitamin C melts into the skin's tissues where it works to maximum effect. Immediately Noctuelle Vitamin C brings softness and radiance back to your skin. The features are more relaxed and softer thanks to the AHA balanced complex with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Noctuelle is recommended for night use, but may be used as a day cream during a parallel treatment phase of Retinol 15, which can only be used in the evening. Noctuelle Vitamin C Cream should be used as a 'cell cycle' shock-treatment course on a seasonal rotation bases.


Monday, 29 December 2014

Review & LOTD: Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 13

At first I didn’t liked its thick formula and started feeling  the product was bit heavy on my lips, BUT later on after few uses Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 13 is my top favorite MLBB shade of the year 2014!

The lip polish tube looks really adorable and I liked how neat the color looks from inside, like painted. Weird!?! The lip polish has thick creamy texture, well this November it went very thick + creamy. The lip polish gives impressively smooth color layer on lips and the glossy hue with subtle shimmer doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. I really liked the bent-applicator given. It provides good grip on layering part. Glam 13 is an excellent everyday peachy brown lip color. The color does looks dark in tube but it looks pretty on lips! It perks up my complexion turning into livelier and more cheerful. The wear time is about 4 plus hours and fades off slowly. The formula is very hydrating and light, also the lip polish doesn’t settle into fine lines even after 2 plus hrs. The color covers up my pigmented lips very beautifully giving smooth and even color.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

BEAUTY: Kama Ayurveda Haul | Buy Online India

Hey Everyone! I’m Alive. Okay I disappeared for more than 3 months from now! Yeah let me explain that. I was engaged in August 2014 and got married by November first week ^_^ I was going through a lot of packing, shifting, travelling etc. Woww it was SUPER exhausting and tiring. AND finally we’re (me & husband) managing the things on our own. It’s like putting two kids under one roof! :D There is a lot of hustle and bustle in here :D

 I hauled really hard in past few months when I was in bridezilla mode lol, buttload of products lying in around here.

AND this was my first ever purchase from Kama Ayurveda.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

REVIEW: Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye shadow Quad in Wine Pink

Hey Everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye shadow Quad in Wine Pink.  This is one of the products from Maybelline Instaglam Box Wedding Edition in Coral.

Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye shadow Quad in Wine Pink


Saturday, 13 December 2014

NEW! Lakmé Lip Love Lip Care | Price in India | Buy Online India

Press Note

It’s going to be a winter tinted with love with the new Lakmé LIP LOVE lip care!

Shraddha Kapoor launches the first ever dual-core lip balm by Lakmé

Mumbai, 12th December 2014: In the world of lip care, finding the perfect balance between colour and care is often a difficult one. While lip balms moisturize your lips, you still need a lipstick to add that dash of colour. Lakmé now brings together these two attributes in one amazing product- the first ever dual-core lip balm stick – Lakmé Lip Love lip care. The launch of this brand new lip care innovation by Lakmé comes along with the announcement of Shraddha Kapoor joining the Lakmé family.
 Shraddha debuts her Lakmé journey with the latest innovation in lip balms – Lakmé Lip Love lip care. The intensively moisturizing Lakmé Lip Love lip care balms hydrate and comfort your lips, while adding a hint of colour. 

This first ever dual core lip balm has a creamy inner core that keeps lips moisturized throughout the day and an outer swirl of colour that gives your lips a lovely tint. What makes this product even better is its SPF 15 content that helps protect your lips from sun damage.  


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

New! Avene Introduces D- Pigment dark spot corrector

Avène the French skincare brand is recommended by health professionals and preferred by consumers, as it combines pharmaceutical research with cosmetic appeal. Based on the famous Avène Thermal Spring Water formulation, its products are more particularly recommended for sensitive, intolerant and allergy prone skins.The Avène products are formulated with the Avène Thermal Spring Water as key ingredient, and are covering the main skin requirements as Anti-Ageing, Moisturizing, Anti Acne, and Sun protective Products for all types of skins, from dry to oily skins.
Avene presents a new line of product that corrects localised and widespread dark spots, uneven skin tone and prevents new dark spots from appearing the Avene D- Pigment spot corrector is now launched in India.  If you're worried about dark spots marring your beautiful, flawless skin, then you'll surely want to know more about Avène Dermatological Laboratories' new and effective solution for the treatment of localised and widespread dark spots. 
D-Pigment is one-of-a-kind solution that corrects localised & widespread dark spots, uneven skin tone and prevents new dark spots from appearing! Dermatologists have confirmed that D-Pigment shows an 81 per cent reduction in such pigmentation from the first month on!. While you can simply use D-Pigment to get rid of those dark spots and prevent new ones from appearing.