Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Review | L’oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence UV Protector SPF 30

Claims: Ideal for everyday use, UV Perfect Aqua Essence UV Protector SPF 30/PA+++ not only provides expert sun protection but also keeps the skin hydrated and feeling fresh, supple and smoother without feeling greasy.

Aqua Essence UV Protector comes in sleek packaging, has runny texture and white in color. It is extremely light weight liquid (texture wise), which spreads easily on skin and is oil-free. When SA told me about Tinted Version of L’Oreal UV Protector, I said I would go for water-based since this is extremely light on skin. The water-based UV Protector gets absorbed easily onto the skin and leaves no oily-feel behind. Also it doesn’t give any whitish-cast effect on skin!

The UV Protector acts as a moisturizer + sunscreen, so I don’t need any moisturizer additionally. I do like Lotus 3 in 1 Matte Sun Block but for A/W I like this one much. Well in S/S definitely I go for Lotus Matte 3 in 1 Sun Block since it provides good matte effect. Post application UV Perfect Aqua Essence makes my skin shiny after one plus hour. So I always top it with loose powder else T-Zone looks glowy after hours.

UV Perfect Aqua Essence prevents sun tanning to some extent. Since its SPF 30, I should reapply every 3 hours for complete sun protection. 

Overall L’Oréal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence UV Protector SPF 30 is great everyday sunscreen. It acts as both moisturizer and sun screen.  It leaves slight glow behind so I recommend this for A/W only also one definitely use compact/loose powder over the sunscreen. This sun screen best suited for normal to dry skin type.  

Price: for 30ml | Rating: 4/5

I hope you find the review useful! Have you tried L’Oréal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence UV Protector?



  1. Sounds really good, will chek this out :)

  2. Seems to be a good one .! But since I have combination skin, I think i will skip it. :)

  3. What's the price? I am using lakme sunscreen but it leaves white cast if not used with a moisturizer ! Nice review..

  4. What's the price? I am using lakme spf 50 but it leaves white cast on my dry skin!will try this out..

  5. It's my favourite sunscree. Really does prevent tanning.

  6. This looks like a really great sunscreen! I am yet to try it but it looks great.....Lovely review Babe :)