Friday, 13 February 2015


Product Description: Go 360 degree clean offers a complete range of four expertly formulated, high-foam cleanser that are perfectly calibrated to perform with the scrublet. The fragrance free, foaming formula features glycerine and shea butter to condition skin while gently and effectively cleansing skin of dirt and makeup. Deeply cleanses skin and unclogs pore by pore without over drying. Removes all traces of oil, dirt, and makeup. Pores look visibly smaller.

First thing the packaging, it’s really cute and the scrublet, oh it’s just pretty! I got this cleanser for the scrublet, it’s a soft and smooth one which performs effective and mild scrubbing action. The face cleanser is in white color and lathers very well. The fragrance is bit weird to me, it smells like plastics, yet mild. The cleanser didn’t break out my skin and good for sensitive skin type. Coming to scrublet again, the bristles of the scrublet are extremely soft, smooth and rubbery. 

I use the scrublet at nights for removing makeup. It helps to remove eye makeup smoothly without making the skin dry. From whole range of Go 360 Clean, I picked this cleanser for sensitive skin, it has shea butter to condition skin gently and effectively. I don’t see over drying after this cleanser and this is also my favorite makeup remover for A/W. 

Overall the product works well!  Along with the scrublet it gives an effective cleansing experience, also helps to remove makeup gently. I could see no reduction in pore size. You can try scrublet with any of your favorite cleanser /facewash too, the results remain same. L’Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep facial Cleanser is worth giving a try! And definitely you’ll love the scrublet.

Price: Rs.399 for 178ml | Rating: 3.75/5

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  1. Very interesting, nice review dear. Would love to try out this cleanser

  2. I agree.. the scrublet is very nice!