Tuesday, 31 May 2016

High Street Straightening with Philips HP8315.

When it comes to hair tools, I don’t owe that many. When I planned for a straightener, I looked out for something bigger, like bigger wand and wider plates.  Also I needed something on budget I checked out Philips, it’s one of my favorite brand. I think I’ve found something I wanted, which I had to share with y’all, Philips Hair Straightener HP8315.

Philips HP8315 is a mid-end straightener, for me it works like a high street brand. This is my second product try from Philips, I’ve already using their Hair dryer. I was so excited to try this one. Philips HP8315 is very sleek one which has a slight sparkle to the packaging which gives little glam to the tool. The straightener has wider plates. It becomes very easy to straight hair with these wider plates. The tool has a power turn on and off button but with no heat settings. That’s quite disappointing to me. 

With no heat settings it doesn’t help much in reducing the chances of overheating my hair. I make sure to turn off the power every sixty seconds between the straightening. I feel the Straightener make my hair straight and shiny! It results in prettier hair in less than twenty minutes depending up on your hair length, and the results lasts long for more than 48 hours! It’s a big no no for frizz hair with these! My hair feels smooth, soft and frizz free totally. It also helps me to delay grease hair, if ya know what I mean! :)

Philips Straightener is great for my hair! Highly recommended. Have you tried Philips hair tools before? What’s your favorite?

Price: Rs.2225 | Rating: 4/5 




  1. i use a philips straightener as well and really like it

  2. totally loving your review on this product. looks like a must have

  3. wow, this looks so good. i haven't tried it out as yet. your hair looks so well groomed :)

  4. u have gorg hair dear! I dont use hair tools but wud love to try this!

  5. nice post :)