Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Review: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser review, photos, price, buy online india

Claims: this gentle, foaming, dermatologist tested formula effectively removes make-up and cleanses in one easy step. Easily removes dirt and oil without over-drying. Removes make-up, even waterproof eye make-up, without stinging or irritating the sensitive eye area. Rinses completely clean, with no pore-clogging residue for refreshingly clean skin.
Soap- free, Oil-free, Non-comedogenic, Alcohol-free, Hypo-allergic, Dermatologist tested.

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser 

The Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser comes in pump bottle packaging. The bottle is quite big in size so it’s not very travel friendly. The cleanser is white in color and has the fresh and mild fragrance. I need one full pump for my entire face and neck. The cleanser is mild and doesn’t irritate or dry my skin. And though it’s soap-free it foam well enough. It removes make-up very well but not my eye makeup. I need one more pump to remove the stubborn liner and mascara. It doesn’t sting eyes, makes skin soft. 

The cleanser is a good option for the oily to combinational skin type. It works as a cleanser and removes dirt and extra oiliness. The skin feels soft, supple and clean. Though the cleanser doesn’t dry out the skin, some might feel stretchy skin so using a moisturizer after the cleanser is a good idea! It didn’t break out my skin at all. Just leaves fresh and clean skin.

Overall this is a cleanser that easily removes your make-up, dirt and oil without over-drying the skin. It leaves refreshingly clean skin. And its Soap- free, Oil-free, Non-comedogenic, Alcohol-free and Dermatologist tested. Good option for Oily to Combinational Skin type. 

Price: Rs.399 for 200ml | Rating: 3.5/5



  1. Sounds good, their toner is pretty good too!

  2. Nicely reviewed Gowthami. It seems to be a good one on days when you dont want a makeup remover and you reach for the cleanser directly..

  3. Ah! I hate cleansers that strip my skin of moisture…this looks like just what I need!

  4. this cleanser sounds great for my oily skin. Will check it out!

  5. Neutrogena products are amazing. I have used their moisturizer, face wash. They work amazing on my face. This cleanser look great too. Nice review :))