Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Review | Coastal Scents Camouflage Concealer Palette

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Claims | Run for cover! Create a flawless complexion with these ten cream-based concealers. Seamlessly blend flaws away in an instant with a range of shades for full coverage. Renowned as the essential ‘makeup magic’ for professional makeup artists, concealer easily custom blends to cover that which you "wish would just go away!" It’s like your very own magic kit!

makeup and beauty blog

My Views | There are 10 concealer shades to choose from. The concealer palette comes so handy when I’m in rush. The packaging is simply light weight, easy to handle and travel friendly. The concealer’s texture is quite creamy, but they aren’t creamy as I’d like. In short the shades are sort of DRY! I’ve dry skin right now and find the product too-drying. I use coastal scents concealer brush warm up the product a bit then apply + blend onto the skin. You can also use your fingers tips! 

The pigmentation is amazing! Just one layer gives you the maximum coverage. I wouldn’t need any powder to top it. Takes little work to blend out the shades seamlessly and the best part is I can mix and match the concealer shades. Coastal Scents Camouflage Concealer Palette has 4 darker shades and 6 light shades to work with. 

In my opinion the shades work excellent for contouring and highlighting the face, it also helps for concealing under eye circles well compared with my other concealers. I mix and match the lighter and darker shades to hide blemishes, I use the lighter shades as my eye makeup base, and it works great! Recommended!

Price: $16.50 | Rating: 3.8/5



  1. I had same kind of palette from Crown brushes. They are drying! I guess all companies buy the raw material from same wholesaler and print different names. Great review!