Hey! If you have any general query or want to say hello, then you can contact me at I’ll try to respond emails within 24 hours but if you don’t receive a reply then do send the email again. 

PR /
This blog is very PR friendly and works with brands/companies to help promote various products successfully. 
If you like to involve my blog with any of the following below options, email me at
I do accept sponsored posts and links. Please remember I hold sponsored posts/links only if it’s mutually beneficial. I have put too much effort and time into my blog so I’m unable to post an article that comes with ‘no budget for bloggers/posts’ tag. I’m sure you can understand.

I do accept beauty and fashion related samples. I always test skincare/haircare products before writing a review. I take one to two weeks maximum depending on the product/item sent to me. 

I do host sponsored giveaway/s on my blog, so if want me to hold one then email me. I’m more than happy to host one. 

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